Monday, January 18, 2016

Closing down

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to close my jewellery business.

When Mr planet retired 18 months ago and we moved and travelled and lived in a caravan for a year, I thought that I would eventually start going to markets again.....but this is just not going to happen.
I still love designing and making jewellery (and other things) and I adore my beads, but the will to get out there and do the hard hard yards has just gone.
Before we moved I had some really successful outlets - The Nook Leura (a co-operative I was a member of), markets and festivals in the Blue Mountains, Sydney and other parts of New South Wales, plus a few other outlets.
I had an etsy shop which, to be honest was never really worth the time I put into it - selling on a big on-line platform is hard.

But, I have a huge amount of stock!
Silly me.

I am having a sale on over on etsy - 50% off.

I will also be destashing my supplies as I get time to list them.

I hope this will give me the time and inspiration to explore some other areas of my creativity as I have always been a bit of a dabbler, but trying to make and sell stuff kind of gets in the way!

If you would like to get some real bargains head on over to my etsy shop and use the code CLOSINGDOWN at checkout.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Market at a winery - win/win

The Artist Market in the Vines is held at Cassegain Winery which is on the Pacific Highway at Port Macquarie.
The day we went it was very, very hot.
Which was sad for the stallholders.
Hot for them setting up and also it probably kept shoppers away.

The market is held in a lovely shady spot in the grounds of the winery, so it could have been worse.

But it is a fabulously curated little market.
There is a wonderful selection of creative goodies and original art works, plus some yummy food.

Heather Joy has my fave fragrance - patchouli - so I had to have some body butter to soothe those salt affected body bits!

I also couldn't resist a totally handmade raffia hat!
Talented milliner Metta makes these and other fancy-schmantzy hats.

Rod's Driftwood Creations

secrets from the deep

I loved Skye's bright lampwork beads - tempted to do a workshop with her next year to brush up my lampworking skills.

I also met this very talented jewellery maker - Susan Arranghi.
She does gorgeous beadwork as well as really imaginative things with polymer clay.

 The markets are held on the 4th Sunday of the month so the next one will be on the 28th December - too late for Christmas shopping but worth a look - and hopefully it won't be as hot! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Wild Rumpus continues

We were so lucky that on the same day as the Foragers Market at Bulli was the occassional
The Wild Rumpus Makers Market at Thirroul.

It is held in the beautifully restored Anita's Theatre.

Look at these gorgeous seats at the side of the theatre.

It is not a very large space but they have squeezed as many stalls in as they can.

The market supports artists, designers and crafters from the Illawarra.

It was a great opportunity to pick up some totally fabulous Christmas presents.
Plus presents just for us!
We got a ceramic bell from this lovely lady.
She also had some candles in tea bowls and beakers which you could use after the candle has spluttered its last.

Cobalt & Kin

It was hard to believe that his was Hazel's very first market!
Hazel makes jewellery out of smooth beach stones.
They are much more fabulous than I make them sound.
Also had a very nice display.

I also fell for Brigitte's charms and her photographs.
It was hard to chose but with a little help from my friend I picked the brick wall one.
Check it out on her website

Brigitte Marlot

Here is sweet Anna with her handcrafted rope bowls.
Her shop has an awesome name don't you think?

Undercover Walrus
 And speaking of awesome names - how about my very own eye goggles?
No! that's not me and my new specs!
These guys make this cool hanging stuff.

my very own eye goggles

I have met Dotti of Paloma Le Sage before at markets I have done in the area.
I'm a big fan of her handprinted designs.

Paloma Le Sage

On top of the 40 or so makers stalls, there are food stalls, entertainment and a bar!
They even run crafty workshops as well.
What's not to like?
There is something for everyone here.

The next Wild Rumpus Makers Market seems to be on Sunday 21st June, from 12 noon to 4 pm, so you'll have to be patient until then.

Monday, December 1, 2014

To market we will go - Foragers market

It was another day to fit two - yes, two! - markets in one day.
Why not when there are some very fine and interesting markets not a stone's throw away from each other.

First up the weekly Foragers Market at Bulli just north of Wollongong, which is south of Sydney - are you with me?

This is mostly an indoors market, which makes it a great all-weather destination.

It has a great focus on fine foods, fresh foods and quality handmades.

They have some great ideas to make this market even more appealing - baskets you can borrow for your shopping, a coolroom to keep you goodies chilled while you chill with some lunch or just sitting around listening to the live music.

Free sunscreen while you sit outside chilling and not frying!

A vast assortment of sitting stuffs.

some very tempting, temptations.

Great coffee!

Great shop names.
The Really Stuffed Olive Co

Some old friends.

Sally Ant

A little birdy told me homewares
And some new ones.

Healthy treats.
Raw Obsession

Fresh produce.

Fresh salads if you can't wait until you get home with your fresh produce.

And ready-made meals if you are too lazy/time-poor.

Stevensons Fine Foods

It was quite windy on the day we visited, so not too pleasant outside. But it was warm and sunny.

It is a smashing little market and well done to whoever is running it. It seems very well-organised and if I lived closer I'd be there every week I'm sure.

But if you want a day out from the big smoke, take a drive down to Bulli, turn into the showground and stock up.
then you can have a nice swim at Thirroul or any of the Illawarra beaches - you can't go wrong.

Yes, we did go to another market, but you will have to wait for a separate post to find out!
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