Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Fabulous Friday Finds From My Faves

It's a very long weekend here - is it at your place too?

I'm not sure what day it is! At first it felt like Sunday, and now it feels like Saturday...I wonder what day it will be come next Tuesday!

Anyway - because it is actually Friday it's time for some faves!

Just look at the gorgeous colours of these stones!
I love natural or rough-cut stones and this simple under-stated necklace is just perfect.

rainbow titanium necklace
Yeah, I know ....I'm always posting photos - well I do like a nice atmospheric snap.
I can just see and hear these flags fluttering in the breeze.
Again a lovely under-stated design - but so much gentleness.

fair penants by sophiebrownehandmade
As jewellery makers myself I'm a bit keen on jewellery storage.
This one is brilliant!
It's an old printers drawer, and I love all the hanging hooks - genius!

jewellery organiser by blackforestcottage
Missy Mao Mao makes the most gorgeous bags.
Some of her latest creations feature a photographic panel. This photo was taken by a Melbourne photographer Esther Freida.
What a fabulous collaboration.

fallen leaves satchel by missymaomao

This furniture shop has chairs to die for! (I would die for a chair? Um, maybe not!)
But have a look - they a scrummy.

patchwork armchair by namedesignstudio
Have a great weekend - whatever length it is!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Busy as a bee - my creative space

You remember I mentioned that I have 2 big markets coming up?
And that I had very little stock?

I've been busy!

Pendants with 3 types of filling - some have glass domes, some have resin, and some have 2 part resin.

 Long decorated shell and bead necklaces - these were very popular last time!

Colourful semi-precious gemstone and bead necklaces.

I've been having so much fun!
This is why I do what I do - I love getting my beads out and playing with them.

Here are some other creative spaces - over here!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Seven last dvd's I watched

Our local video shop has a list of special deals and one of he best is the 7 dvds for $5 only available on a Wednesday. It's a great way to catch up on the movies that I missed.
So I take my list to the shop and last week thisis what I can back with -

1. The Iron Lady
The story of MargaretThtcher, British Prime Minister.
I thought Meryl Streep was amazing! And I enjoyed watching it as a bit of period piece, not sure that the recent times bits were quite as convincing.
Would I recommend it? Nah.

2. J. Edgar
The story of J. Edgar Hoover, the long-time head of the FBI.
I also thought that Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing - not really being very familiar with J Edgar I can't say if it was such a faithful depiction as Meryl's of Maggie.
It's beautifully made as well.
Recommenation - maybe.

3. The Hurt Locker
I was a bit in two minds about this as I'm not a great fan of war movies, but hub had seen it and recommended it.
It's a totally engrossing movie, very believable. The characters seem really real.
Recommendation - see it!

4. Carnage
It's obvious that this is a movie of a stage play. (Hope I'm right about that!)
It is quite "stagey" in that it takes part in one afternoon in one location and is very wordy.
It is well acted by Jodie Foster, Kate Winslett, Christopher Waltz and John C. Reilly - all superb actors IMO!
It is very cleverly written.
Recommendation - OK if you need something cerebral and no action.

5. The Rum Diary
Well it had Johnny Depp and it is from a Hunter S. Thompson....but in the end was less than satisfying. The twist towards the end lacked "oomph" the whole movie meandered and lost it's way several times.
I was interested to see Puerto Rico as it was in the 60's, having been there more recently.
Recommendation - only if you are need of a Johnny Depp fix.

6. The Eye of the Storm
From the book by Patrick White.
I soooo enjoyed this, right from the very first moment.
I love Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis.
It was lovely and well- paced and funny and sad all at once.
Recommended (thoug I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea)

7. Beginners
I wanted to enjoy this more as it has Ewan McGregor in and Melanie Laurent as well as christopher Plummer. It's a gentle little story.
Recommendation -  OK for a quiet Sunday afternoon.

What have you seen lately?
Any suggestions to add to my list?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Necklaces galore! - my creative space

Inspired - or spurred into action by having my jewellery in two more local shops...and the looming big markets ahead - I got my beads out and created some special treasures necklaces.

The two new shops are Studio 52 at Blackheath and the little shop at Everglades Historic House and Garden.
If you are in the Blue Mountains I can definitely recommend a visit to both delightful places.

Coming up - Burrawang Easter Market on Saturday 30th March
and Millthorpe Markets on Sunday 7th April.

I'm joining in with My Creative Space over on Village Voices at Kidspot - check it out!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Photo challenges

Some of my instagram images from the last week or so.

You can see more photo challenge pics on FMS Photo a Day facebook group and project life 363 facebook group.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Off on tangents - my creative space

Sooooo last week I started another beadwoven pendant with a handmade lampwork bead. It was here.
Anyway, I'm pleased to report that this one only took a week to finish! yay, go me!

The reason for this speed-weaving has something to do with hiring 7 dvds this week {more about that tomorrow}.

I also need to make some more necklaces...but did I?
Nope - while I was getting my beads out I spotted a little box of beads that I'd set aside for bracelets...and off I went on a tangent!

Here they are -

Do you ever get distracted, go off on tangents?
I often do - but that is all part of the fun of creating, working for yourself, doing what you want when you want to.
And I never get bored with it!

These little birds and nest necklaces are destined for somewhere special.
I'll tell you more next week!

How is your creative space this week?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Seven - things I have to do

This week is a very personal list of 7.
Do you write "to-do" lists?
How do you go with them? Do you get them ticked off?
Or do you drag them around week after week?

I'm a bit of the drag 'em around type!

1. Get another pair of glasses.
I did have 2 pairs and then I lost one pair - the lovely purple framed pair and now this pair is flaking! Argh - looks ugly.

2. Do something about my living room curtains.
I bought new curtains ages ago and got one window done, but I think I need a new track and hooks for the other window, plus something to hide the top bit where the fluoro lights are.

3. Get ready for 2 big markets in 3 and 4 weeks time.
I have really let my stock slip since Christmas. It's been a time for me to do other things - you know, fiddle with this and that!
But now I need to get into production! Making necklaces and earrings, brooches and tshirts has to be on my agenda.

4. Sort stuff out and get rid of stuff. We are planning on moving next year - downsizing - and having lived here for a bazillion years we have accumulated so much junk. We have to start now I reckon - or we'll never get it done!

5. Do a bit more organising of our trip to Italy in September. I spent a bit of time looking at accomodation and stuff, but probably need to book something, especially in the busy places - Venice and Rome maybe.
All that is sooooo time consuming - but, hey! someone has to do it!

6. Look over the plans for the house we'll be building next year. That is very exciting and very scarey!

7. Get out in the fresh air everyday! It's such a lovely time of year (when it's not raining!)

What's on your to-do list?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mais oui! - five fabulous french finds from my faves

For some reason I'm feeling un peu francais!

I would love to park my bike outside these doors - wouldn't you?

vintage bicycle photo by MiriamHamsa
Or wear these tres chic earrings -

french earrings by BeneathGlass

Would I think I was actually in France with this decal on  my wall?

french house rules by UrbanWalls
I'd love to creep around in these comfy shoes -

Paris Toms by Lamaland

And if all else fails I could always get my own tin of french air to breathe!

air from Paris by cooperativ

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A glutton for punishment - my creative space

A while ago I finished making this beaded pendant - way back in November last year, do you remember? It was here.
Well this week I finally made it into a necklace - yay!

And because I am mad, I started making another one!

I have also been sewing

Here are the first three bow ties, finished!

What have you been up to?
If you would like to take a peep at other creative spaces or join in pop on over to My Creative Space at Village Voices on Kidspot.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time for a jaunt - bridges and bathing rosellas

Lucky for me that it wasn't raining today!
I planned to go for a walk to one of my favorite spots to fulfill one of my daily photo challenges.

I seem to be always a day behind with my challenges this month - and I'm only doing two! (sorry justB, I seem to have baled on #amonthof).

Anyhoo, off I set.
It was a fine sort of day.
The walk is only about an hour and goes along the line of the old zigzag that took the railway up the escarpment of the Blue Mountains , at Lapstone Hill.

Then there are steps down to the gorgeous Knapsack bridge used to carry the main road out of Sydney up Lapstone Hill and all destinations west.

I never cease to be amazed by the stonework and the elegant arches.

The design of arches is astonishing - they stay up and seem to defy gravity.

Then down the bottom in the relatively lush waters of Knapsack creek were two crimson rosellas having a bath!

I wish the photos were better, but in my defence it was a bit gloomy down there, I was a fair way from them, I was using my little compact camera and they were moving around pretty vigorously.

And my photo for the photo challenge?

"Under" for the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge.

Monday, March 4, 2013

finished! ....for now....

Last week I posted about some earrings I was making - here.
These are my most popular earrings at the moment - wire wrapped czech glass drops - they are yummy!
I thought I would show you what they look like finished.

This is how I display them on my market stalls.
The light shines through the glass beads and they sparkle a little bit.

If you would like to see these earrings they are available in my etsy shop here, or if you are visiting the Blue Mountains pop in to The Nook Leura, I have a big range of earrings there too.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Images from this week's photo challenges

You can see more photo challenge pics on FMS Photo a Day facebook group and project life 363 facebook group.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday seven - cute critters

Some cute little critters to bring a smile to your dial this wet weekend!

And this has got to be the funniest kitty video around!

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