Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Fabulous Friday Finds from my Faves

Hey! How has your week been?

Are you having an extra long weekend due to Anzac Day being on Thursday?
Or is it business as usual in your part of the world?

Whatever, here are some gorgeous creations that have caught my eye recently.

Most of then are works on paper - but that Ok, isn't it?
And actually what caught my eye in this first one is the beautiful photograph of the necklace and it's styling.
It's a work of art in itself!

Long beaded necklace by GentleDecisions

I have a very soft spot for calligraphy, and even did some myself. (Here in this post)
I love the overwritten style here and the aged look of it - like some antiquarian manuscript.

Voici mon secret by suziscribbles

Maybe it is the altered art look that I'm drawn to.
I love the way this looks like something that has been folded - and kept, maybe in a secret place?
I know there is a lot of *bird art* around, but I think this is more than just a photos of birds - it tells a story too.

Bird Photograph by TriciaMcKellerPhoto
Yes - and cats!
But I like cats.
And I like minimalist watercolours.
This japanese influenced painting is by my friend Mark - but that's OK!

Cat Inc by MarkusMay
Jillian of Billy and Scarlet is a new find!
I love her style - so simple, but so warm and inviting.

Moustache art by BillyandScarlet
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burn baby burn!

"It's a lovely day" he said, "do you want to do something?"
Me "yes!"
Him "how about a walk to Lost World Lookout?"
Me {with a note of uncertainty} "yeeeees"

I was a little bit uncertain because I know this walk is not for wimps!

But it is a 3 lookout walk...and I felt I needed to test myself - see what I am capable of.

He said he normally does this walk in an hour and a half - I said "better double that for me!"

It starts off nice enough, past Martin' lookout.

Across Glenbrook Creek -

And up the other side.
But we were so disappointed to see that the track, the whole way up had been burnt for a few metres either side : (

Normally this is lovely bush to walk through, there are magnificent stands of xanthoreas (grass trees) and lots of wildflowers a bit later in the season.

this is a view of the lost world lookout
We can only assume this is part of the hazard reduction policy in this area.
And we remembered that St Helena's ridge was burnt a few weeks ago...but why the track up from the creek?

We tried to appreciate the beauty of it - the black trees, the green grassy shoots, the brown leaves...but it was a bit hard.

Oh well, at least the views are nice and the peregrine falcons were there circling up and up in the up-currents.
view from Bunyan Lookout
So apart from the bush being burnt I really, really struggled getting back up to Martin's lookout - legs and lungs were burning too!
A bit more training needs to be done I think.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Seven - things to do on a rainy day

Sorry I've been MIA the last couple of weeks - life seems to have got in the way. In a good way - not yucky, thankfully.

But today is a horrible wet day - cold (for here) and windy.

What are some of your favorite things to do on a wet day?

1. Catch up on all those household chores you've been putting off for years. {boring maybe - but you will feel so virtuous afterwards}

2. Bake a cake {then you can invite friends round to share it - or just make a cuppa for yourself to go with it}

3. Watch a movie - at home or pop out to the flicks.

4. Read a book.

5. Start a plan - or revise your already written plan - er, um ; )

6. Blog! Or catch up on your blog reading - or find some new fab blogs!

7. Stay in bed!

Hope the weather is lovely where you are and that you are having lots of fun!

ps. we went to the camping and caravan show - in boots and raincoats. You can still get out if you want to!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Earrings - again, of course! My Creative Space

You know that I love creating earrings?
It's how I started along this crazy path in my life!

One of my first loves was these lovely Czech glass beads.
The come in various shapes and sizes and they are beautiful enough to stand by themselves without a great fuss.

Most of these earrings will be heading up the hill to the gift shop at Everglades Gardens in Leura.
They are also available in my etsy shop.

While I was replenishing my supplies of those I discovered some other czech glass beads - dual colour rondells.
They also need a simple treatment.

Oh, and an amazing glass bead that looks like stone - it's called Persian Turquoise. I love it!

These earrings might be an exclusive range in my madeit shop

I also found some wonderful faceted czech glass beads to add to my collection of long drops with sterling silver ear wires.
Also so simple - so chic!

I'm joining in with My Creative Space on Village Voices over on kidspot.
Hop on over and join in!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glow worm tunnel and a sunset

We went on a little overnight camping trip at the weekend.

First of all we watched the sun set.
From here -

There were hazard reduction burns taking place which made the horizon a bit hazy but may have made the sky redder.

After a lovely night's camp we set off down the old coach road.
In places the descent would have been very exciting! It's quite steep. And would have been a bit of a pull on the way up.

There are some relics from the past.

Lovely forest.

We walked in an anti-clockwise direction around the loop so that we went up the old railway route, which has a much gentler gradient.

We got glimpses into the Wolgan Valley...and then this -

There's a pocket or rainforest before the tunnel with gorgeous treeferns.

The tunnel was part of the railway line which was built in the early 1900's on  to take shale oil out of the valley.
It's damp and uneven underfoot.
And very dark in the middle.
That's where the glow worms are.

It's pretty good.
You need a torch, but if you stand still and turn your torch off - you'll see the glow worms like little stars in the night sky. 

It's amazing country around there.
There rock formations called pagodas

Part of it is the Gardens of Stone National Park and part is the Wollemi wilderness area.

Highly recommended!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday snippets - my week in instagram!

Are you on instagram?
You can find me at
Leave me your link in comments and I'll follow you too.

Monday, April 8, 2013

To market again - Millthorpe market {again}

Here we are again at the wonderful Millthorpe market.
This great event happens twice a year and is organised by the Public School, I believe.

Yes, I've been before as you may have seen here.

The central west of NSW really put on a great show on Sunday.
The weather was fab.
The people came in their droves.
They were happy and chatty.
And we all had a great day.

And I found some wonderful new stall holders.
Including Brooke of Twice Served who makes gorgeous cake stands -

and these sweet little bird feeders from vintage cups and saucers.
It's a bit hard to see form my photos, but she has 2 types - hanging ones and the ones on sticks.

If you would like to find out more (and see better photos) hop on over to Twice Served on facebook.

It's always nice to catch up with some market pals that I haven't seen for a while.
Although Michelle and I lives quite close we haven't been to the same markets for a while.
Michelle's creative business Mollymoo specialises in mixed media designs on canvas, cards, jewellery and more.
To see some more of Mollymoo's work and to find out where you can buy it go to

It's always great to put a face to a product.
I've seen Sian Thomas's lovey ceramic egg holders at the Cultural Centre at Katoomba...and then up she popped at Millthorpe.
Sian is a Blue Mountains lass too!
Pop over to her website to find out where her lovely ceramic creations can be found.

I fell in love with the cute and quirky mugs from Carcoar Pottery, but unfortunately I didn't get a photo, so I tracked one down on the website.
You must have a look -
photo from carcoar pottery website

Lastly - as requested - here are some photos of my stall.

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