Sunday, December 30, 2012

Secret Santa - I just have to share

How was your Christmas?
Did you have fun?
Get some surprises?

Do you take part in a secret santa gift swap? Or a Kris Kringle?

I did!
I took part in a secret santa amongst the wonderful members of the DUST team on etsy.

Here is my fabulous array of gifts from Suzanne of Paper Ivy fame!

Aren't I just the luckiest girl?!

If you'd like to see more from Paper Ivy pop on over to her etsy shop.

Feel free to post links to your gift swaps - I'd love to see.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Fab Friday Finds - printable calendars

Get ready! 2013 is nearly here!

Have you got your calendar ready for the new year?

Do you even still use a pen-an-paper-calendar?
Or do you totally use your smart phone, computer diary or whatever?

Or do you love a beautiful calendar on your desk or studio wall?

Here is a great way to acquire a calendar quickly and painlessly - just download and print. Easy-peasy!

I picked this lovely botanical one for a friend's Christmas gift - she loved it!

My Paper Kitten

How about this geometric simplicity -


Or a glorious tree one?

Ana Pontes photography

The cutest owl and the pussycat -

teva gallery

Or the ever-popular bunting?

Which one is your fave?
Tell me about your calendars - or lack of them!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Five Fab Finds (should have been on Friday!) if money was no object!

I'm feeling a bit caught-up in the Christmas buying frenzy!
Are you?

So in the spirit of spend-spend-spend, I've picked the most expensive picks I can find that I wouldn't mind living with.

I'd love a new dining table - ours has survived the onslaught of our kids and numerous parties!

I'm a bit keen on the natural slab look -

acacia wood table by flowbkk

Wonder if I'll ever get one!

Of course you would need a chandelier to hang above it.
This one is a bit special - non-traditional design, would go perfectly with the table, yes?

claylight boomerang by lighttexture

It has hand-formed ceramic shades casting pretty patterns on the walls and ceiling.
It even had boomerang shaped suspension bits. How cool is that?

So while we are wining and dining at out lovely new table, beautifully lit by a unique light, we'd want to listen to some music - 

barky turntable by audiowood

I admit we still have all our vinyl records, we're not big on cleaning stuff out!
And this gorgeous handmade turntable wouldhave to sit in pride of place somewhere, not to be hidden in some den somewhere.

I love pottery and the japanese aesthetic. Plus I covet tea bowls.
I did pottery myself for a few years, in a previous life and I really "get" this.

anagama tea bowl by shiho kanzaki

The Japanese really appreciate their master craftspeople and the years of work and study to reach a level of acheivement.
Some people would probably consider this teabowl to be ugly and amateurish. Others that it's imperfections are what makes it perfect.
What do you think?

I have been looking at rings for a while - mainly because I want to get my rings, and my inherited rings remodelled so that I can wear them as one ring.
Of course that doesn't stop me lusting after other rings!

purple sapphire ring by goldworks designs

\So there we go!
My super-luxury-if-money-was-not-an-issue picks!
What would you choose if you could?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Changes, changes!

I am pretty certain that I am almost definitely ready to stop making tshirts, I think, for sure.
Close Boos Tees.
Buuuut, I've got a room full of fabric now what to do?

I think I'll open another shop, yes I will!

Open another shop with bits and bobs, sewing, knitting, etc
to be called *something with Eunice in the name*.
In honour of my mum, Eunice who was multi-talented.
She sewed all our clothes, she knitted, she cooked, cleaned, gardened, painted (the house) and could hang wallpaper. Not content with those skills she took classes - pottery, silversmithing, upholstery and french. She could crochet and did needlepoint tapestry, embroider
Of course she could do all those thrifty things born out of the austerity of the war years - she could darn socks, make a budget stretch and use leftovers.
She learned to drive as a 40 something year old.
She loved to travel and to walk.
She could do cryptic crosswords.
She gave the best cuddles in the whole universe.

She obviously taught me so many things but I don't feel her equal, if she was still here she would be my biggest supporter.

So look out for Eunice in the new year sometime!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Making it Monday - Christmas muffins

I have an inkling to make muffins for Christmas breakfast - not just your common or garden variety, but muffins infused with the smells and tastes of Christmas.

What would those be?
Spices? Cranberries? Nuts? Chocolate?

I have looked in my vast collection of recipe books and couldn't find anything.
And, OK, I could just make it up, but I thought - "hey, there's a blog post in this!"

So I googled and up popped Nigella - of course.

They would be sure to work (you can find the recipe here) but....not quite what I'm looking for.

How about this one, which looks great as a gift -

The recipe - how to make them as well is here. 

Cranberries, pecans and orange? Yum! Now that sounds more like the aromas of Christmas.

The recipe is here.

But I really like the sound of these fruity muffins -

They have got cranberries (which I have 2 bags of), dark and white chocolate (how can I resist?) and fruit mince (Huge jar in pantry) this could be the go!
I found the recipe here and here one version is metric, the other imperial - take your pick!

I'll let you know how they turn out.

Have you got a fabulous Christmas muffin recipe?
Or a tradition that you have for Christmas breakfast?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My week in pictures

What a week!

A huge milestone in that our lovely daughter graduated at University.

Even thought this is a relatively new university they manage to inject some pomp and gravitas into the ceremony.
It was lovely.
The floral arrangements were spectacular!

Of course we had to go for a celebratory lunch -

and desert -

And then some of went for a swim!

I also went on my annual pilgrimage to hub's work to show my wares to his co-workers, who are very grateful for the opportunity to buy some christmas presents without leaving the site.

As I have been rather lax exercise-wise of late I persuaded myself to go out early (it was 9 am, OK, I know - but that is early for me!) before the day got too hot.
There were big piles of mulch at the lookouts today (?)

And then, in the cool of the air-conditioning and in the company of the cricket I made some christmas cards.

How was your week?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Five fabulous finds on Friday

It's nearly Christmas!
How are you going?
Are all the presents packed and wrapped under the tree?
Or are you like me...and just starting the serious stuff?

Well, whatever - here are some sweet picks from my faves.
Now that I look at them, they are a very eclectic collection!

A great mix of styles and a wonderful range of creativity.

Who could resist this cheeky little sexpot by JMNPottery?

sexpot by jmnpottery

At the far extreme of style - is this gorgeous wallet by italia craft.
I love them both - is that odd of me?

wallet by italiacraft

I love the rustic qualities of this silver and gold ring set.

sticks and stones ring set by colbyjune

And I am so attracted by the simple strong design of this necklace

coral red necklace by nspottery
And of course, I'm totally fascinated by this art photo from stoevvaletin, they are the treasures of the planet after all!

gemstones still life print

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - it's all about the food and drink

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Southern Highlands Christmas Fair

Last weekend was a big one!
We went to the Southern Highlands Christmas Fair which is held in the Southern Highlands Winery just outside Moss Vale.

It's a great venue - lots of space in a big paddock and lots of great stalls.

I'd like to introduce you to some of my neighbours.

Melanie from recycled records

Dianna from rocklily wombats

Dianna's wildlife art

handcrafted country furniture from Bygone Creations

Great display shelf from Shack Stuff

Sonda from Shack Stuff

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