Thursday, March 29, 2012

My creative space

 There's nothing like an impending craft market to bring on a flurry of activity in the house of planet!

So I have been tracing -

selecting fabrics - 

 - sewing

 - creating tshirts

to take with me to the lovely little Millthorpe Market in the central west of New South Wales on Sunday.

What have you been up to?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm in training...but, shhhh's a secret!
Just in case things don't work out the way I want them to.

Anyway I need to get fitter and I need to go up and down hills, so today I started.
Luckily I live in a place called the Blue Mountains, so there are a few hills - it's not really mountainous compared to other parts of the world, but for my purpose it will do just fine!

In my neighbourhood is the start of the Blue Mountains, the escarpment as you rise up from the Sydney plains.

 This is Elizabeth Lookout and I could actually see the towers of Sydney, but it was a bit of a fuggy day - on a clear day you can see better.

 So I walked down to under Knapsack bridge.

This used to be the main road from Sydney west to the rest of Australia!
It is a magnificent construction, built from local sandstone.
It was originally built as the viaduct for the railway crossing bulit in the 1880's but the railway was re-routed and the bridge became a road bridge in the 1920s.
It was even widened later to make 2 lanes - you can see the dark part at the top is the extra roadway.

When the new super-dooper road was built in the 1980 the bridge was preserved and you can walk across it.

Anyway I walked down, down from Elizabeth lookut right down to Knapsack creek which has a lot of water in it at the moment - it looks nice and clean but it isn't!

And you know what they say - "what goes down, has to come back up again"?

So then it was up, up, up all the steps back to the top.

How did I go?
Well I was huffing and puffing and had to stop many times on the way back up.
My left knee was a bit sore - and I was very hot and sweaty!
But it's a start.....more to come....

Friday, March 9, 2012

What have I been up to this week?

 You know how it sometimes seems that a whole week has gone past and you feel like you have acheived nothing?

Then you look back and - why, yes! you have got stuff done, been places, talked to people!

So this week was a bit like that - and here is what I found when I looked back.

 We went for a walk at Katoomba, which involved descending some steps (as is the way with the Blue Mountains!).
Because of all the rain lately the waterfalls were in full flow - very impressive!

 Just along the bottom of the cliff was a sculpture exhibition - a bit like a mini version of the sculptures by the sea in sydney, but these were sculptures in the bush!

A couple of my favorites - wombats -

 and flowers -

 There were some very abstract ones and the best part is reading the artists statements form the guide book!

I also made stuff - some cards for The Nook @ Leura as I mentioned in my creative space post yesterday.
Here are some of the finished products.

And I was thrilled to have found a source of dominos for my domino brooches.
These are a little smaller than the previous ones, but they are that lovely ivory colour, and I think that perhaps they are a better size for a brooch.

How has your week been? Productive? or frustrating?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My creative space

I've been playing with paper and stamps and glue! - making some cards.

Of course I had to buy some new stamps : )

How about you?
Have you been creating? Buying new supplies?

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Creative Space

 Do you get...well...not stuck in a rut exactly? But maybe in a groove....or you get stuck with a certain design idea, or colour scheme and can't shake it off?

Well I have this week - I couldn't stop playing with the combination of these lovely natural amazonite beads with darker blues - lapiz, blue agate and glass.
I had to force myself to make something different!

 So far I have come up with these 4 necklaces - but I have more beads and I have'nt managed to use the square lapiz ones yet - I've only got 3 of them left.

How is your creative space going this week - hope you're not stuck in a rut!

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