Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting organised! 0r 3 into 2 WILL go!

My problem is that my creative space is just too big!
Why is that a problem you might ask?
And I realise it might be hard to understand for you creative types who work on the dining room table, or in a tiny corner of the room, but the more space I have the more messy and disorganised I am.

I now have 3 - yes, THREE - rooms at my disposal!
This is what happens when you become an empty-nester!

My original workroom is overflowing with my beady supplies (which, again, might be hard to understand for you non-beady peeps) - but I have a LOT of beads and other associated paraphernalia.
That room also stores my market stuff - tables, gazebo, display stands etc.

When my daughter moved out, her room became my sewing room and tshirt storage room. That is not too hard to keep in check because she comes bcak home often enough that I have to keep it reasonably tidy.

When my son moved out I moved my papery stuff in there as he left his rather large desk and shelves in his room (plus sundry other junk).

So now the plan is to tidy this up -

move this desk from workroom #1 into workroom #2.

Then all the tshirt stuf can also move into room #3 and workroom #2 will become guest room!

Have you followed all that?
good! Then you can come right on over and give me a hand!

Hopefully it will get done this weekend and I'll be able to show you pics next week.

How is your creative space this week?
Pop on over here if you'd like to share or peep at other creative spaces.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lost for words! Wordless Wednesday.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mountains and mountains of earrings

What a start to the week!
An epic 9 hour bushwalk - with stops (I did have an hour rest in the middle).
It was to a remote part of the Blue Mountains into a wilderness area, so no tracks or sign posts although there is a faint foot track most of the way.
But you are rewarded with this view at the end!

And this view -

The next day, just to loosen my aching legs up a bit - haha! - I went for a bike ride along the lovely bike path at Wollongong.
It was very cool and windy - doesnt really look that bad here -

but I had to pedal like crazy all the way back even on the downhills!

Then I got on a creating roll and made a mountain of earrings using some of my favorite beads, these lampwork glass beads from the Czech Republic.

I actually made double this amount - some will be going to The Nook Leura and the rest I'll keep for my etsy shop and my market stalls.

How was your week?
Have you been creating?
Or been on any crazy, madcap adventures?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Finds - red and rich and ravishing!

This is the first of my Friday finds posts - I'm not quite sure what will appear here every week, could be things I have found on-line or things I have found in real life.

As a quickie this week I have visited my recent faves on etsy and couldnt go past this luscious vintage red coat.
It's getting to that time of year when it's possible to wear such items downunder - yes, all you non-aussies, it does get cold in parts of Australia.

I love the fabulousness of the hood, don't you?
I'd love to be little red riding hood in this!

And just a couple of clicks away I found this wonderful red window, looking very mysterious.
Why is it slightly ajar?
Is somebody opening or closing it?
Who is behind it.

And the fancy red frame sets it off really well.

And lastly - such sweet little lino prints of red-breasted robin.
I love that they are printed on pages from old books and they have colourful envelopes - just perfect!

Have you found anything surprising, lovely or just something you'd like to share?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My creative space

I'm knitting again!
Now the weather is cooler (was it ever hot this summer?) I feel inspired to get the needles out and make some mitts.
I can't remember where I got the jazzy red sparkly wool from but thought I'd give a go as contrast with the blue. Something a bit fun!

If you would like to look at other creative spaces or join in pop on over here.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A great little market

Today I was a great little market, in the Blue Mountains, in Leura, in the carpark of the Alex Hotel.

It was a glorious autumn day.

The people were visiting...and shopping!

Everything here is handmade, mostly by local crafties and there is always something new.

There are fabulous homemade cakes.
Delicious chai.

And I think it has to be the perfect location for a market as the guys can get a beer or just sit in the beer garden while the ladies shop.

Here is my neighbour Tanya with her pretty leadlight creations.

Next time I'll take some more photos - I promise!

By the way this is the Bluebird Market at Leura.

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