Monday, January 18, 2016

Closing down

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to close my jewellery business.

When Mr planet retired 18 months ago and we moved and travelled and lived in a caravan for a year, I thought that I would eventually start going to markets again.....but this is just not going to happen.
I still love designing and making jewellery (and other things) and I adore my beads, but the will to get out there and do the hard hard yards has just gone.
Before we moved I had some really successful outlets - The Nook Leura (a co-operative I was a member of), markets and festivals in the Blue Mountains, Sydney and other parts of New South Wales, plus a few other outlets.
I had an etsy shop which, to be honest was never really worth the time I put into it - selling on a big on-line platform is hard.

But, I have a huge amount of stock!
Silly me.

I am having a sale on over on etsy - 50% off.

I will also be destashing my supplies as I get time to list them.

I hope this will give me the time and inspiration to explore some other areas of my creativity as I have always been a bit of a dabbler, but trying to make and sell stuff kind of gets in the way!

If you would like to get some real bargains head on over to my etsy shop and use the code CLOSINGDOWN at checkout.

1 comment:

Clare said...

Traveling in a caravan for a year sounds wonderful. I am sort of a dabbler also . . . good luck with wherever your creativity leads you.

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