Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Madness - mad about tennis

It's that time of year!
Tennis time!

I love tennis.
I love watching tennis live. We often go to the Sydney International in January, but couldnt fit it in this year.
When I was at school going to Wimbledon was a school excursion.
I also love watching tennis on the TV.

Today the Australian Open started which is one of the 4 grand slam tournaments.

What is tennis?
You can find an explanation here if you dont know. But really tennis is a pretty universal game, even though it has only been around for about 150 years, it has spread all over the world.
Tennis is the sort of game that most people can play - in fact I love having a "hit and giggle" myself.

Who's your favorite?


And just for fun some items I found on etsy when searched for "tennis".

Sunday, January 16, 2011

7 things Sunday - 7 ways you can help the flood victims

No doubt you have heard about the terrible flood disaster happening in Australia, in Queensland and now in Victoria as well.
I must admit I have been glued to the news, the images of the havoc wrecked by water is incredible. People's lives have been changed beyond imagining.
We sit and watch and we feel totally helpless.
"What can I do?" we ask ourselves.

Here are some suggestions -

1. If you are an etsy seller you can help by donating to the shop specially set up to raise funds for the relief effort.
Australian Flood Appeal
Read the shop policies for how to donate.

2. So you're not crafty?
How about you buy something from the etsy Australian Flood Appeal shop.
There is something for everyone there - you could stock upon birthday/Mother's Day/thankyou gifts for the rest of the year!

3. Can't find anything you want to buy or you'd really rather contribute directly?
You can contribute to the Queensland Premier's fund and can
you can find out how to donate here.

4. Another wonderful group of etsy sellers, who have first hand experience of what is happening in their state - Brisstyle are also having a fundraising drive.
you can find out more about it on BrisStyle's blog.
Many sellers are donating the proceeds of all sales to the cause.

5. Animals need help too! the RSPCA shelter was destroyed and needs money and help to clean up. the staff managed to save all the animals and no doubt there will be many more homeless pets in the days to come.

photo from rspca website

You can read all about it here and how to donate.

6. Other agencies and charities are also collection points -
St Vincent de Paul Appeal -
Red Cross Disaster, Relief and Recovery -
The Salvation Army -

7. - and last but not least Knickers with notes !
you just have to go and check this one out!

Other blogs with helping ideas -
Life & Dandelions
the Australian Etsy blog

Flood photos from the Brisbane times website.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's treasuries

It's been a while since I've done a treasury Tuesday post and in the meantime I've been included in 6.
So thanks to all those lovely curators who have taken time and selected these wonderful collections and were generous enough to include my humble creations!

Janice from Enchantedquilling is a treasury curator extraordinaire!
This time she chose purple as her theme -

I never cease to be amazed at what Janice can do with paper!
Take a look at her other quilled creations in her shop.

oscar the owl by EnchantedQuilling

Kathy of Secretjewllz had a multi-coloured approach - but what a very cute selection!

Kathy is a very talented jeweller and also does amazing things with bottle tops.
How nicely presented is this setaof magnets?

art nouveau magnets by secretjewellz

Little leezarda also has a passion for purple!

She is an amazing artist! I wish I'd found this mushroom painting to include in yesterday's post!

moonlight mushroom by littleleezard

Ophelleitte took her picks from works by the DUST team (Down under street team - Australian sellers on etsy).
What a great supporter!

Leanne from Brillliantbeadsbling had the same idea as Opheliette but had a differnt selection.

Look at this beautiful necklace by Brilliantbeadsbling!

turquoise and swarovski necklace by brilliantbeadsbling

A huge thanks to Mel for this bronze treasury -

Mel makes lovely vintage-inspired jewellery.
How pretty is this necklace?

peonies necklace by mnhince

Lastly one from me!
I love looking through my favorites and just had to share my joy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mad Monday - mad about mushrooms

I am mad about mushrooms!

I love to eat them.
And I would love to collect them, if I didnt already have a collection of chickens!

I love it when they pop up in the greass after a rainy spell.

It's important to know if you can eat these or not - I dont - so I dont!

Very pretty but not very appetising!

I love that there are many types of exotic mushrooms available in my local supermarket now.
These are both pretty and appetising.

One of my favorite things to do with mushrooms is to toss them on the bbq and then mix them with designer greens, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar.

You can add mushrooms to -
pasta sauce
stir fry

They are really very versatile.

Or you can stuff those really big, flat ones.
Cut off the stem, chop it and saute with some chopped onions or shallots, garlic and your choice of herbs.
Mix in some freshbreadcrumbs, chopped pine nuts. Pile in the mushroom, top with cheese and bake for about 15 to 20 mins until cooked.

a study in pink fungi by cocoondesigns

Sunday, January 9, 2011

7 things sunday - what to do on a rainy day

1. Clean out your bathroom cabinet - you are sure to find many out-of-date drugs, hair dye that has leaked out onto the shelf, half-used motel courtesy soaps and forgotten tubes with just a little bit of stuff in.

2. Eat gourmet cheeses, dips and relishes

bought from the Carrington Cellars in Katoomba.

3. Take advantage of New Year sales and credit card reward points to go shopping and buy rugs to replace very worn ones.

4. Colour hair with forgotten hair colour from #1

5. Watch a movie - maybe Robin Hood which daughter bought recently.

6. Throw out old perished swimwear from 10 years ago.
Plus old perished underwear, socks etc - you get the picture!

7. blog!
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