Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm a bowerbird!

I found some blue things!
I love blue and I'm so happy that blue is in fashion again.
It has been impossible to buy blue clothes the last few years - believe me!

But yesterday I scored at the op shop -

It's a little big but because of the style I don't think it matters.
It will be nice and cool and go with some of my patterned Lynne Lade pants.

Then it was off to Spotties for a spot of fabric shopping - I have the urge to make something for myself. *gasp*.

I'd had a bit of a rummage in my old sewing drawers and found some patterns - some very old patterns! 

But undetered I was on the search for blue!
And look what I found -
Blue twill for some pants to go with the hydrangea print I bought last year (with all good intentions!)

I'm also a bit enamoured with orange at the mo.
Yep, I'm a tie-dyed girl!
But it will go with some other Lynne Lade pants (the most comfy pants in the world)
and maybe not too shabby with the blue either?

Oh, of course while a spotlight you have to check out the other bargains and I scored this very-useful-looking beading thingy!

What a great gadget!

 Plus at the op shop I found this useful-but-boring butter-coloured linen shirt

If you are wondering about the bowerbird reference - the Satin Bowerbird collects blue things to embellish the entrance to his bower to attract the ladies.
This is the one in our back yard.

Amazing, huh?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Five fabulous Friday Finds

So much fabulousness everywhere at the moment!

He are some snippets of gorgeous to brighten your weekend.

I'm a sucker for Japanese art and imagine how fab it would be to carry this around with you all day.

wallet and phone pouch by TinderandBloom

Just loving the whimsey of these clocks by iluxo, couldn't decide between this or the Paris one!

Sydney clock by iluxo

Wooden't you just love to have this fabulous shelf as a feature on your wall?
I also have a few old books I could put on there.

Atlas by designlipe

If not - or maybe, as well you could hang this bookshelf on your wall.
Does this look like your bookshelf? It is a bit like mine!

Illustration by BookCub
And I can't go past some pretty earrings.
These look like they would be so light to wear and I can just imagine how they would swing as you walk!

native american style earrings by Anabel27shop
What fabulousness have you found this week?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A bit of this 'n that - my creative space

Creating this week has been mainly filling orders from last week's market.

I sold a necklace that I have had for a while. It was an unusual one for me at the moment, as it had a larger silver-set labrodite pendant and moonstone and labrodite drops on a silver chain.
I only put it out on my stall as I had run out of my bright, bold ones.
Anyway the woman who it was meant for came along - and it was love at first sight!

And she wanted earrings to match.
So this is what I came up with -

These 2 cuties are another order for a lady who was (wo)manning the SES stand.

All my coral and howlite necklaces sold, in fact there were 2 ladies almost fighting over 2 of them!
I promised to make a longer version on one for the losing customer and had to order some more beads for it.
I love my bead supplier, they always ship overnight, and always include smarties! How thoughtful!

While I was rummaging in my fabric stash I came across this cutie that I've had for a while and decided today was the day to do something with it.

fabric by auntie cookie
Here is all finished on a light summery singlet.
I think it's cute and wonder why I didn't do it before!

All the other creative spaces are over here - go and have a look!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happened this weekend

What happened this weekend was something that happens a lot of weekends, especially at this time of year.
A market happened!
This one was a lovely little local event called Love Lawson.

Lawson is one of the townships in the Blue Mountains where I live and it is the heart of the mid mountains (Hazelbrookers might disagree!)
The mid mountains community centre is there and so all sorts of community activites radiate out from there.

As per annual festivals there was a lot of fun stuff going on - and being the mountains there was a drumming group!
They are great! I want to join one!

There was a beard and moustache competition!
I love that there was a category for women!

photo from here

In honour of the beard and moustache competition I designed a special tshirt -

Glad to say that it sold and it had lots of admirers.

There were not a lot of stalls but what there were were lovely, like Christine's Millinery.

The massage students from the local TAFE were next to me - wish I'd had time for a free quickie massage.
I discovered that you can book in for a student massage as they need real bodies to practise on. It costs about $25 I think and lasts for an hour - fully supervised.
Sounds great doesn't it?

On my other side were the very lovely Lyn and Sabrina  from Studio Jarnie - they also do massage and all sorts of other therapies and they just had the most delightfully decorated stall.

I won't mention how long it took them to set up - but it was well worth it.
It was so pretty and appealing.

Here is my stall set-up which is purely functional by comparison.

There were other stalls which sadly I didn't get round to photographing and there was great music right behind me.

All in all a great time was had!

How was your weekend?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

So much variety

The other day I was walking on the rim of a World Heritage Area and the next day I pedalled my bike around here -

This is the rowing course built for the Sydney Olympic games in 2000.
It's very cool!

It's also very flat!

There is some dry-land rowing in case you don't want to get wet!

And other play equipment for grown-ups.

Hey! What are you looking at?

Oh, yeah - ducks!

 And pelicans.

Sometimes you can get a cuppa over there - but not today.

Oh well, you can't have everything!

But seriously, it's a great facility for this part of Sydney. It used to be a wasteland, a sand mining area, a no-go zone. And now there picnic areas, there is hanggliding, canoe hire, a whitewater course and so many trees - they must have planted thousands of trees and now 12 years later they are well-grown up.
I love it!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Friday Faves

I've been having fun finding some new faves - and revisiting some old faves as well.
Sometimes it's not just the object that I love but maybe the shop name, the way items are photographed, or some colour combination that catches my eye.

This shop has got the best name ever!
The Making of Mrs Bertimus.

little sparrow brooch by Mrs Bertimus

I love the look of up-cycled clothing, the slightly chaotic, higgeldy-piggeldy result, the freedom to be a little bit crazy!

top by Broken Ghost Clothing

The next pick is purely practical - and what stylish practicality in these bags by Bagybag - I do need a bag for my laptop!

laptop bag by Bagybag

I just noticed this fabulous teapot in someone elses faves! Thanks!
I love, love teapots and I love, love handmade pottery - I'm in love!

bloom of lilac teapot by ocpottery.
And talking of love - or maybe obsession.
I can't stop looking at Susannah Tucker's lovely images and these sweet sentiments - who wouldn't love to just float away....

So much to do! My creative space

It's such a busy time of year!
Have I said that before?
It makes me think that there's not so much creative stuff going on - more like production!
Do you feel like that sometimes?

However I did create a new tshirt for my Boos Tees business.
As I'm going to the Love Lawson festival which has a beard and moustache competition, so I designed this specially for the occassion.

I also have to do an alteration on this necklace for a customer, she wants it 7cm longer.
It will be a bit of a design challenge without adding any more of the faceted stones, but I have a little idea.

I also made some of these sweet summer necklaces for the market this weekend - they were very popular last weekend.

So much for my creative space this week!

If you would like to join in with My Creative Space at Village Voices over on Kidspot head on here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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