Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bermuda Triangle Bracelet

Continuing my obsession with peyote triangles - I wanted to see if I could tesselate them into a bracelet.
I thought that since they are equilateral triangles they would fit together quite nicely.
I also wanted to play with making donut triangles. So I got out my new Matsuno size 11 beads and started.

The triangles fitted together well!

But how to finish the ends?
I added on beads in a decreasing peyote stitch to try and make the ends straight, so that I could sew a clasp on.

I used a button and loop closure - a favorite way to finish off beaded bracelets.

It turned out great!
It's light and drapes really well on your wrist.
You can see it here -

1 comment:

Pfeiffer Photos said...

It did turn out great. I'm betting that photo doesn't do it justice. :-) It must take much patience to create this type of jewelry--I admire your choice of colors here as well. ~tina

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