Thursday, November 13, 2008

things I have bought from etsy

I had been admiring this unusual wrap for some time in yarnaboutyarn's shop.
I love the colour and the way it just hugs the shoulders and the fun frill, and the way it has a twist a the front.

- Then it was reduced in price as part of the monthly Dust (down under street team ) sale.
And I knew I had to have it!
It's always so exciting buying something from etsy - waiting for the parcel to arrive, unwrapping and seeing your chosen special thing in the flesh.
This one didnt disappoint, I just love it.
I was able to wear it the next day when I went to a street fair, as it was cool setting up in the morning.
I felt so special.
There is another lovely wrap in this shop - pink this time. I wonder if it has my name on it too.

You can also have a look at all the lovely colourful freeform knitted creations here -

Something else I bought recently was a birthday present for my 20year old son

20 year olds are impossible to buy for - unless it is a new guitar!
He is a big Dr. Who fan (who isnt?) and sometimes he seems to live in a parallel universe!
I am a big fan of David Loong's work, he makes these little works of art from silver, copper and brass. They are quirky, sometimes satyrical and always have a story to tell.

If you are stuck for what to buy a man in your life I recommend checking out David Loong's shop.

Happy shopping!


magikquilter said...

I love the wrap ...great colour but I have my eye on the freeform handbag and have had for some time.

Christine said...

Thanks for blogging about your new mobius wrap...I am so glad you like it :) And I've been eyeing off David Loong's creations for some time too...they are lovely

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