Friday, December 3, 2010

Canoeing and creating

I meant to post this last week as the canoe trip was the weekend before last (east coast aussies will know how wet it has been the last week!).
I really wanted to get outdoors but to do something that didnt involve walking! (for obvious reasons) and we hadnt taken the canoe out for yonks. Our first excursion wasnt that great because we put in at an oversize pond in the middle of a picnic area, but luckily on the way back we found a navigable part of the Nepean River and spent a very pleasant couple of hours messing about on the river.

We bee eaters and kingfishers and lots of water dragons - all these are killingly difficult to photograph with a little camera from a bobbing canoe - so you will just have to take my word for it. (apart from the waterdragon)

It was very special because the two men in my life were there too.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.......I made earrings, just 'cus that's what I like doing.
I love the czech glass drops and have now started wire wrapping them. However I didnt have copper earwires to go with the copper wrapped aqua beads.
Now I know that many jewellery designers make all their own earwires - but I dont!
I buy them.
But I really wanted copper earwires and I searched on-line to see if I could buy them - well of course you can buy them - you can buy simply anything on-line!
Then I had a "eureka" moment and thought "I can make those with the wire that I have and then I can finish the earrings today"
So I looked on-line for a tutorial ( I know those clever clogs of you who make the afore-mentioned earwires will be laughing at this!)
I found an easy tutorial on cut out and keep and Bob's your uncle! (my kids think that is really funny 'cus they actually do have an uncle Bob!)

And I made some bracelets -

and some little simple earrings -

What have you been up to this week?


PoetessWug said...

I love your colorful earrings...And between you and I, I buy almost ALL of my jewelry findings! :-) Although I'm not your typical jewelry designer. I crochet my jewelry. I focus most of my energy on the crocheted part and dangle and finish with the 'Bought' findings. "I ain't ashamed neither!!" ^_^

Amanda said...

those bracelets look fabulous! and EEEE! there's a lizard in the tree! living in Canada, that's definitely not something you see any day! :D

Sophia - Red Lotus Jewellery said...

beautiful bracelets :)

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