Monday, September 12, 2011

Mad about tiny houses

I am dreaming of down-sizing!
When hub retires we'd love to buy a caravan and do the grey nomad thing and travel round Australia, but we also reckon we'd need a base somewhere....maybe a shack near the beach....a little place to return to and store our family heirlooms.

We wouldnt need much...and just as I was ruminating on these possibilities there was a show on ABC Radio National on the Future Tense program about tiny houses!

Totally entralling!
You can read about one tiny house here but I think this is a bit too tiny for us. Great for one person, perhaps.

However some of them are very, very tiny!
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company via Retro Thing

How would I fit all my crafty junk in?

I'm quite partial to this minimalist design - 

Tumbleweed Z-glass house
 but maybe we'd need 2 - one for us and one for me!

Interesting ideas here -

from designboom

A delicious view is definitely needed -

from mincasa

But this won't happen for a few more years yet, but I can dream, yes?

In the meantime some other sweet tiny houses for you -

vintage fabric house brooch by grrlandog

miniature house by thelittlereddoor

tree house by pearsonmaron


lorik said...

I would choose the Tumbleweed. As long as the water level didn't change. Interesting selection Tess.

Sonia said...

I love tiny houses. That minimalist one is amazing. I think the most important thing is where the house is located whether it be the woods or beach, it should be magical.

planettreasures said...

It is very sweet isnt it Lori?
I guess it would have to be a floating pontoon...but then I might get seasick if it was rough ; }

planettreasures said...

I agree Sonia, you have to find the right location and then you'd be able to enjoy more of the outdoor space too with less house on the land.

Anonymous said...

I found you!

What an eclectic collection you have here...

nice to meet you in person today in Wollongong!

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