Tuesday, November 8, 2011

National recycling week

I noticed in the paper yesterday that apparently it is National Recycling week. Who knew?

Do you recycle?
What do you recycle?
If you are a crafter do you use recycled supplies or does recycling form part of your business ethic?

Here are some great Australian designers who use recycling in their work.

Epheriell uses 100% recycled silver to make elegant earrings -


Pocket Carnival prints her cute cards on 100% post consumer recycled cardstock.

Pocket Carnival

Little Mo and friends also uses 100% post consumer recycled paper for her delightful paper goods.

little mo and friends

Sami Bop makes great children's clothing from recycled farics like these pants from a  chenille bedspread.

Sami Bop

Guess what this amazing pin cushion is make of?
Felt made from recycled plastic bottle!

Spin Cushions

4 Ewe Designs turns old wool sweaters into the cutest softies.


Moonmum used vintage wallpaper to create this pretty notebook (it has recycled paper pages too)


Exciting Recycling says it all! What fun knitting needle bangles.

Exciting Recycling

BonTons made an old tshirt into a pencil case.


Isnt this the most amazing recycling? - billboard vinyl becomes a bag! by PURPcarrywear

Do you have any favorite recycling designers?
I'd love to hear about some unusual ones.

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