Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To have a sale....or not?

What are your thoughts on having a sale? Or discounting your wares?
What do you do with items that have been around for a while and haven't sold?

It's a vexed question?
Are you devaluing all your hard work?
If you often have a sale, do your customers wait for you to reduce your prices - does it discourage them from buying at full price?

At the weekend I was at a big country market that happens twice a year and as we will be moving soon I decided to see if I could sell more of my stock (so that I don;t have to pack it).
I offered 25% off all my jewellery, that wasn't already discounted.

I made a couple of sign, maybe they could have been bigger...
I also mentioned my discount to customers (or potential customers!)

Did it work?
I don't think so, for these reasons.

1. People seemed to buy what they wanted to anyway. If they like it - they will buy it.
2. Mentioning that I was having a sale and why didn't seem to spur people into a shopping frenzy.
3. When I didn't mention the sale they still purchased an item.
4. They sometimes seemed surprised that they were getting a cheaper price.

I think a couple of customers perhaps bought another item or two, but it's hard to know as they may still have done that.

Overall the day wasn't bad but I can't help thinking that I did myself out of a quarter of my takings by having this sale.

Ah well, you live and learn.

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