Thursday, May 1, 2014

Farewell to The Nook

As of today I am officially no longer a member of The (amazing) Nook craft co-operative in Leura.

(Although my stock will still be there until we can go and pick it up on Sunday)

Being a member of The Nook was one of the best things I ever did for my jewellery business.
Being a co-operative we shared the costs and the tasks of running a retail business.

We take it in turns to man or woman the shop, so that we only need to be there one or two days a month.

The shop is in a great location - if you're not familiar with Leura, it is the best shopping village in the scenic Blue Mountains.

There were about 25 members when I first joined over 16 years ago, there are more than 35 now!

So farewell to The Nook and to all members past and present who have contributed to its success.
I have made such fabulous friends there.
It's been a blast.

PS. I forgot to say that the reason I have left is that we are leaving the beautiful Blue Mountains, for a travelling/retirement lifestyle!


Renata's arts and crafts said...

Ohh... what happen? way you had to leave? have you moved to far away?

planettreasures said...

Ah, yes Renata, I forgot to say why!
We are moving and to be a member of The Nook we have to live in a certain area - I will be far, far away!

Renata's arts and crafts said...

This is sad but I am sure they been happy to have you in.
Hope you will find another nice group like this in the new area.

Chrisy said...

How exciting...the travelling I mean...did you manage to 'declutter'...well suppose you had no choice! Look forward to following your adventures...

planettreasures said...

Hi Chrisy, we have a very exciting future! It seems unbeleivable.
My decluttering has been going great! I'm at the throwing stuff away stage after the will someone buy this stage. How is your decluttering going?

Rachel Moore said...

Wow, Tess, sounds exciting planning for a travelling life.

I often thought about applying for the Nook when I lived in Sydney but was always too scared to ask. I am a little timid about asking for what I want for fear of rejection. But that was my loss.

Have a great time and hope to see lots of lovely pictures of your travels. If you come this way to Brisbane we could catch up.


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