Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Making things takes time

I set myself the goal of making ten things a day!

This is quite easy if the things are earrings, OK if they are bracelets, manageable if they are necklaces - impossible if it is beadweaving! Which takes FOREVER!

However I have just learnt a lovely technique - triangular peyote stitch, and little pendants work up really quickly.

Thanks for Sandfibers, for the initial inspiration. While I was trying to work out for myself how to do it, I found the how-to in a Beadwork magazine. Fantastic!

So far I have only made two - with size 8 seed beads, they are rather big and clunky, and I have yet to make ten in a day - but with a bit if practise.....watch this space!


Carol Dean said...

In 24 hours, you could do 10 of these, but wouldn't you want to sleep ??? LOL

planettreasures said...

Oh, is that a challenge Carol?
Or are you talking from experience?

Carol Dean said...

I'm a horribly slow beader (if a rather prolific one) and so would never even attempt that! :)

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