Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mirror mirror on the stall

I have been searching for ages for a nice mirror for my market stall, so that customers can easily admire how well my pieces suit them!
Up til now I have had a small cheap hand-held mirror, but needed something decorative, good-looking that would stand on the table and I wouldnt have to stand there and hold it. Holding it is OK if there is only one customer but if you are trying to serve several at one time it is difficult.
So, I began a search of all the op-shops, furniture stores, $2 shops, second-hand shops, bric-a-brac, collectables, antiques - you name it I looked there!
Ideally I was looking for an elegant, yet not too fussy number - round, on a small pedestal stand with a swivel mirror, big enough that a customer could view their head and chest, so that they could see themselves when trying earrings and necklaces.
Sound easy!? I'm easy to please!
But no!
Anyway the last time I was at the Richmond (NSW) market I wandered around all the stalls and lo and behold! there was a stall with a choice of two. Perhaps not exactly what I had in mind, but it is great! and the price was right!
Not only that but I could have sold it twice since then!
But, if I sold it, even for a HUGE profit, then I would be back to square one with no mirror.

Here it is in'stalled' at the Kirribilli Art and Design market.

Next Richmond market - Saturday 9th August.
Next Kirribbilli Art & Design market - Sunday 10th August.

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