Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Remodel, renovate and refresh

Sometimes things just dont sell!
N o matter how beautiful you think they are, and despite being made from the finest components and created during your best creative moment. Well, they just sit on the shelf for weeks and months and sometimes years!

The great thing about beaded jewellery is that when you are totally sick of the sight of something you can pull it apart and make something else.
Which is what I did to a few of my pieces recently.
and what's more most of them sold straightaway! Hurray!

In the photo above, the lower necklace featured a gorgeous lampwork bead made by Bev Butler. I strung it with a variety of gemstones and pearls. It was a longish style, which I thought was quite fashionable.
BUT it had to go!
I remodelled it into this short necklace with coral and turquoise, and it sold at once!
Necklace #2 was also a longish one, with various pearls and lapiz. I had made a few variations on this theme and they all went really well, but not this one!
So it became several pretty bracelets, one of which is still available in my etsy shop.

When I originally designed this rose quartz, pearl and amazonite necklace, I thought it was the prettiest thing ever! It has some tanzanite coloured swarovski crystals and crystal quartz chips in as well.
But it's days were numbered and it also became several bracelets.One of them is also in my etsy shop.

This three strand necklace always attracted lots of attention. People were always drawn to the jade pendant and were disappointed that it was attached to a strand of rose quartz and a strand of green pearls.
When I pulled it apart and used the pendant for a totally different necklace it walked straight out the door!

It was great to have a bit of a spring clean. I have uncluttered my stash a little and made some extra sales.

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