Saturday, August 1, 2009

August bargains

Roar your way into some great deals throughout August with DUST!

Nearly every month, DUST holds a themed monthly sale on Etsy! That means that there is always a deal to be found year-round. August is no different, this month's theme being "Leo the Lion". How does that translate into savings for you?

A big part of the fun is seeing how each member interprets the sale theme in their own way. The theme was chosen for August birthdays, but with a twist! "Leo the Lion" of course refers to the astrological sign associated with the month, but the theme is far from limiting. For example, there were some great suggestions on how to choose items
for the sale. Such as:

* Colours - Yellows, oranges, browns
* Stones used
* Fabric choices
* General jungle themes - greens, monkeys, tigers
* All things astrological

So you never know what sort of fun creations you might find on sale this month! The only way to find out is to hang out in our promotion thread on Etsy (found here: or to search the term "dustteamsale". This will directly show you all of the participating items for the sale, meaning more savings than you can shake a stick at.

We really hope to see you celebrating this wonderful month with us on Etsy! It's a jungle out there, after all.

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