Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday - a no-treasury day!

Instead I'll tell you what I did yesterday.

G and I went for bushwalk.
Not a long one but the tracks are not maintained and are a little overgrown and muddy.
I stepped in some mud and it oozed over the top of my boots and down inside - not a very nice feeling!

We walked to some rock formations called 'the three brothers' as opposed to 'the three sisters'!
along the tracks that were developed the Hydro Majestic hotel.

It's a great time of year for waratah spotting.

They are like beacons in the bush.

The track is close to the edge of the escarpment in places, overlooking the Megalong Valley.

These guys would have a slightly different view - and a whole lot more scarey!

At the bottom of the cliff is a very large overhang called the Colliseum.

It was a hot climb back up involving lots of steps

including these wooden ones - it was a bit of a tight squeeze.

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Michelle said...

what a wonderful hike!
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I'm looking for people to send me 20-25 promo items from their shop for a holiday boutique!
I need them by Dec.1st!
Those that help me out will also be featured on my blog for the whole month of December.

How cool is that?

You can see more about it on my blog here...

or send me a note with any questions...thanks!

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