Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday's treasuries

It's summer!
And the DUST (down under street team of Australian sellers on etsy) have been blitzing the treasuries to show just what we have down here.

I was thrilled to be included in two of them last week.

Feliciafairy chose BoosTees Barney Blue Owl tshirt in her bright and breezy day at the beach.

Emma of feliciafairy has many talents and her specialty is converting underwear into goreous topwear - like this lovely colourful slip dress.
I am already the owner of one of her creations - I'm very tempted by this one as well.

Deb of twocheekymonkeys fame selected another BoosTees creation - Mungo mushroom man amongst her favorite picks for an Aussie summer.

Deb makes beautiful classic jewellery - and I just cant go past this stunning necklace in my favorite colour.

And lastly I got carried away after I spotted some amazing red cowboy boots and found some Australian items to co-ordinate with them.
To me these colours represent the bushfire season here.

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