Saturday, May 1, 2010

going round in circles, mainly

The first bit involves something I've never done before!
Knitting on a circular needle.
Some experienced knitters like to knit everything this way.
The advantages are - if it's a stocking stitch pattern you knit every row. No more twisting your wrist to do the pearl stitch!
And no pesky looking for a darning needle and messy sewing up of seams! (mine are pretty messy!)
Anyway the rest of this project has to be knitted on a set of double ended needles beacuse it gets too small for the circular needle.

More about this later.

Then back to beading and something else that goes round and round.
Spiral stitch.
It seems to go round and round for ever!
I'm not sure about the use of the cube beads in this, I dont think it's the best use for them.
They dont seem to sit quite right, although I like the chunky look.
Cube beads really sit well in a flat design, but considering the lenght of time it took to finish this, I'm not about to take it apart!

Well, I love random and colourful projects.
This brick stitch bracelet is a great way to use up small amount of beads.

brick stitch bracelet available in my etsy shop

Look out for more knitting next week.

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