Monday, May 3, 2010

monday treasury

Lots of people have been having fun with treasury east on etsy.

Strawberrycouture included my city nights bracelet in this collection of sellers from Sydney.

Strawberrycouture is from Texas and I didnt ask what the connection with Sydney was.
Anyway I was totally blown away when I visited her shop!
There is the most amazing collection of crotcheted hats!

Like this one -

You simply must go and have a look!
They are sculptured headwear.

Carley from vanillapixie had fun with greens.
and what a lovely subtle selection.

Thanks Carley for choosing my spring morning necklace.

Carley makes the ever popular little hair clippies for little ones.
Her shop is in vacation mode at the moment but when she gets back you can have a look at all her pretties.

Then I also noticed that BoosTees had been picked in this clever treasury from aylla.
Thanks aylla for including my men's tshirt 'on the road'

I discovered a little gem in aylla's shop.
Gorgeous cute purses and pouches.

Could be a pencil case, but is really too nice to be just a pencil case.

Great gifts - you could put some of vanillapixie's clippies in them!

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