Friday, June 25, 2010

Favorite fibre people

I am priviledged to know some amazing fibre artists, some of them I actually know and some I just "know" virtually!
Know what I mean!

So I would like to intoduce you to the incredibly talented Pam de Groot.
I first met Pam in her previous life as a potter!

We are both members of The Nook craft co-operative in Leura.

For the last several years Pam has turned her hand to felting and fibre arts.

Pam's entry in the Art Street competition at Winter Magic this year.

She has a very lovely felty blog.
If you are in Sydney or the Blue Mountains or nearby you may be interested to know that she holds felting workshops.

She also has an etsy shop where you can find hats, wraps and more!

I am the proud owner of a Pam de Groot wrap and am now the very unhappy ex-owner of a Pam de Groot hat (sadly lost!).
Maybe I should do a hat making workshop with Pam?

Another fibre artist that I have met through the crafty community in the Blue Mountains is Michelle who I am delighted to say is a new member of The Nook.

Michelle spins, dyes and creates eye-popping pieces.
I urge you to look at her Wooldancer blog - she has list of spinning divas in her side bar, for more fibrous adventures!

If you are interested in incorporating some amazing fibres in your creations have a look at
Wooldancer on etsy.

Now to close encounters with fibres of a third kind!
Well I guess the fibres have the same initial source (sheep) but the end result is very different.

I introduce for your entertainment and delight, the Grand Purl Baa, Loani Prior, queen of the teacosies!

I love reading her blog - she has a wonderful turn of phrase and her teacosy designs are legendary.

See what I mean?
Have you ever seen such an awesome teacosy?

Even if you dont drink tea, you ahve to take a look at her work!

She has written two books, the latest one made it to the top ten of books in the Sydney Morning Herald!

She often wanders around the country teaching workshops.
I hope to be able to catch one, one day.

Roger Rampart - my favorite - of course!

Enough for today, but I have more lovely fibre delights for another day.

Do you have any fibre art blogs you'd like to share?


Tess Carter said...

Oooh! I'm not really into fibre arts, so I can't recommend any, but that necklace you featured is STUNNING! I'm totally off to check her out! Thanks for sharing! :)

Grand Purl Baa said...

Aw shucks. That's lovely. Thank you.


Grand Purl Baa said...

And of COURSE you may show more pictures.

There is only one thing worse than being talked about .... and that is NOT being talked about... and blogged about.


Pam de Groot said...

Awww shucks that's a great rap. I'm in good company too

Rebecca said...

These artists create fabulous things! I love that wrap you own... it is knock-out gorgeous! As is the necklace, and that teacozies are simply fun and so unique! Thanks for sharing!

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