Monday, June 7, 2010

monday's treasuries

I love doing my little Monday treasury feature.
Not only does it give me a chance to boast about the wonderful treasuries I have been featured in, it also gives me an excuse to show you some gorgeous work from the artisans of etsy.
And also to show the beautiful collections they have created because people do put a lot of thought into curating these treasureies and they deserve to be seen more.

So this week, with a great fanfare I bring to you seven outstanding treasuries and seven wonderful etsians!

Kicking off the week is Jacqui from ShadeofaBonsai who has a penchant for Japanese art as you can see by this treasury, her shop name and the lovely things in her shop.

Thanks so much, Jacqui for chosing BoosTees flying crane fabric brooch.

You can see that we both love this Japanese symbol -

origami crane necklace by ShadeofaBonsai

On the other hand Carmel of LaceandLuxuries chose a colour theme, and what a striking one it was too!

Pink and black - very decadent!

What thrill to see my Raspberry wine beaded pendant here.
Thanks, Carmel.

What to pick from LaceandLuxuries?
Carmel has such a variety!
But how cute are these little finger puppets?

Perfect for the little ones in your life - your kids, your nieces and nephews, or maybe you are a pre-school teacher??
How can you resist?

Oasis - was the theme chosen by RomanticArt and there are some amazing picks here that fit!

I'm pleased that RomanticArt found my desert oasis bracelet was suitable.

RomanticArt does amazing things with fabric!
For example this pretty flower brooch -

Go and have a look at all the other pretty brooches she makes!

Who doesn't love owls?
Look at all these cute ones selected by JoiedeTea.

Thanks to Verity for popping in BoosTees little owl brooch.

I am a big tea drinker and I really would like to try this delicious-looking chai, by Verity.

chai masala by JoiedeTea

Samara of Maddo is a great treasury maker - she is always busy, and such a great member of DUST (Down under street team of Australian sellers on etsy).
She took her selection from recently listed items from the DUST team.

What a great idea!

Samara makes lovely jewellery, but I'm a big fan of her paper goods -

gift tags by maddo

There's nothing quite like a rainbow to brighten up your day, and I felt especially brightened when I saw this treasury with my Colour My World necklace in!

Many thanks to Jess of full spiral for this.
I love Jess's clever metal work -

swirly hoop earrings by fullspiral

And lastly another amazing member of the DUST team who is a rival for the crown of treasury queen!

Carley of vanillapixie!

Not only did she pick these from her favorite stores but she found a lovely pastel theme.

Carley is a really hot seller of hair accessories for girls!

I'm only sad that my girl has outgrown these sweet creations.

strawberry hairclips by vanillapixie

Thanks to all!

Vanillapixie, Fullspiral, Maddo, Joiedetea, RomanticArt, ShadeofaBonsai and Laceandluxuries.

Happy treasury making and have a great week!

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