Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's treasuries

It's been a while since I've done a treasury Tuesday post and in the meantime I've been included in 6.
So thanks to all those lovely curators who have taken time and selected these wonderful collections and were generous enough to include my humble creations!

Janice from Enchantedquilling is a treasury curator extraordinaire!
This time she chose purple as her theme -

I never cease to be amazed at what Janice can do with paper!
Take a look at her other quilled creations in her shop.

oscar the owl by EnchantedQuilling

Kathy of Secretjewllz had a multi-coloured approach - but what a very cute selection!

Kathy is a very talented jeweller and also does amazing things with bottle tops.
How nicely presented is this setaof magnets?

art nouveau magnets by secretjewellz

Little leezarda also has a passion for purple!

She is an amazing artist! I wish I'd found this mushroom painting to include in yesterday's post!

moonlight mushroom by littleleezard

Ophelleitte took her picks from works by the DUST team (Down under street team - Australian sellers on etsy).
What a great supporter!

Leanne from Brillliantbeadsbling had the same idea as Opheliette but had a differnt selection.

Look at this beautiful necklace by Brilliantbeadsbling!

turquoise and swarovski necklace by brilliantbeadsbling

A huge thanks to Mel for this bronze treasury -

Mel makes lovely vintage-inspired jewellery.
How pretty is this necklace?

peonies necklace by mnhince

Lastly one from me!
I love looking through my favorites and just had to share my joy!


enchanted quilling said...

Lovely blog post Tess and it is no wonder you are in six treasuries, your jewellery is so vibrant and amazing I for one could not resist featuring you in mine! Cheers Janice

PoetessWug said...

Congrats on all the treasuries. Pretty colors too! :-)

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