Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why you should price your items at a craft market

or the golden rule #1 of selling at craft markets.

I believe that all items you are selling should be labelled with their price.

Unless you
1. Sell identical items and they are all the same price.
2. You can instantly work out in your head the costing for every one of your items.
3. You make it up as you go along.
4. You make up a price depending on how much the purchaser looks like thay can afford.
5. You have a very good memory and can remember the price you worked out for each item.

I believe you should put a price on each and every one of your items.
You could put a sign next to your items, but signs dont get read, they get moved or the items get moved.
You could have a price list, but as above people dont read a list, they want to know how much this thing that I have in my hands now costs.

This is not to say that you couldn't also have a sign on a basket or box of same priced items.

"Doodads $3"

This also has the dual purpose of telling customers what the Doodadsare.

If you don't do this you run the risk of losing sales, because
- People do not like to ask.
- While you are talking to one customer no-one else can find out how much your goods cost. (This happened recently to me - I loved these quirky little creations, but no price anywhere. The artist was telling another customer the history of the recycled bits of his artworks and I didnt get a look in - I had to get back to my own stall, so I left. Sad because I really loved what he did)
- You have to dash off the the ladies and your partner/friend/neighbouring stallholder minds your stall. What are they going to say? that you will be right back? Make up a price?

What do you think?
Either as a customer or a seller?

Do you label everything?
Do you like to see prices easily when you shop?


wooldancer said...

Great article Tess. Pricing all items for sale allows your customer to shop confidently.. AND if selling handmade items, factor the time it takes to price stock into your ticket price (as a shop assistant you perform this duty & get paid. Artists, why should you work for nothing!) Also, consider if you are selling at cost or wholesale or retail.. each of these prices are different!

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

Couldn't agree with you more Tess!

When I attend markets, I don't like to have to ask the price of an item, especially if I'm browsing with two little kids in tow.

And although I'm a complete market novice, I priced all of my items for the two markets I've attended as a seller. It made it so much easier for my customers to browse and for my lovely helpers to deal with customers when I went off on breaks.

tractorgirl said...

excellent advice Tess. I have never really liked asking how much things are in any kind of shop; don't like sales assistants on top of me asking "can I help you?".

So, pricing PLUS a sign saying "doodads $3" works for me.

Shelley/Spincushions said...

Oh absolutely price everything! If you get really busy, folks are more likely to hang around if they don't have to ask you something so simple. I don't ask myself. I'd rather know with out asking as a buyer.

planettreasures said...

thanks for your feedback guys.

planettreasures said...

More words from a commentor whose words got wiped by blogger -
A mix of individual prices and signs.
Making prices up makes me hate you!
And removable stickers on hang tags, make it easier to change prices and remove for gift giving.

Cindy Caraway said...

If a seller doesn't have the courtesy to price their items, I will not buy from them, no matter what the items or how much I may like it. This goes for any venue whether it be an art fair, farmer's market, flea market or garage sale.

Be polite! Put a price on it!

PoetessWug said...

I have never sold anything personally at a craft fair, but I have sent my things along, to be put in a craft fair with another friend's items. I put a price tag on each individual thing. It just makes sense!...I've also done that when we've had tag sales or things like that. It's more time consuming, but it stops people from assuming and haggling as much. 'It is what it is' people!! Or what the tag says it is! ^_^

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