Saturday, July 9, 2011

My week

What a varied week!

On Sunday we went for a "drive" due to the fact that the OH is on crutches and I'm still suffering with a head cold.
We found this wonderful lookout over Lake Burragorang which is Sydney's main water supply.
They flooded a beautiful river valley to make it and a village had to be moved.

 Then we drove to see our daughter take part in the Tough Bloke Challenge!
 This involves a 6km run and 10 obstacles - including plenty of mud!

This was afterwards!
They said it was the best fun they ever had.

On the way we stopped at the lovely little village of Picton and just caught the end of the market there. Just enough time to grab some cupcakes and handmade soaps.

Now here's a sight you don't see every day -

I have no idea why this lonely camel is in a field near the M5 motorway.

I just had to show you what I cooked last night -

corn fritters layered with roasted mushrroms and roasted tomatoes, guacamole and red pepper strips.

How was your week?

1 comment:

PoetessWug said...

Okay...I'm leading a boring life apparently! LOL I haven't seen any camels on the freeway...nor any tough girl blokes!!! My hubby did see a deer on the highway. Upside down, with his legs in the air!! LOL Ooooo! The excitement!!

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