Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

This week I have found the most divine tea pot!
I have a bit of a "thing" about tea and another bit of a "thing" about teapots.

The simplicity and elegance of this one by clamlab just blows me away!
teapot by clamlab

I am also blown away by people who can create something wonderful from something that was probably less than wonderful to start with - like this recycled clothing shop.
I wish I could be that imaginitive when I go to the op shops and create something - anything from the pickings there.
I guess that's why rebeccasartcloset has a recycled clothing shop and I don't!

lagenlook top by rebeccasartcloset

And this little clutch purse is much too sweet to ignore.
With its little needle felted hedgehog - it's a bit squeeee!
mini box pouch by seabreezestudio

1 comment:

PoetessWug said...

Awww! Such cute items! Especially the clutch with the little hedgehog. :-)

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