Friday, March 9, 2012

What have I been up to this week?

 You know how it sometimes seems that a whole week has gone past and you feel like you have acheived nothing?

Then you look back and - why, yes! you have got stuff done, been places, talked to people!

So this week was a bit like that - and here is what I found when I looked back.

 We went for a walk at Katoomba, which involved descending some steps (as is the way with the Blue Mountains!).
Because of all the rain lately the waterfalls were in full flow - very impressive!

 Just along the bottom of the cliff was a sculpture exhibition - a bit like a mini version of the sculptures by the sea in sydney, but these were sculptures in the bush!

A couple of my favorites - wombats -

 and flowers -

 There were some very abstract ones and the best part is reading the artists statements form the guide book!

I also made stuff - some cards for The Nook @ Leura as I mentioned in my creative space post yesterday.
Here are some of the finished products.

And I was thrilled to have found a source of dominos for my domino brooches.
These are a little smaller than the previous ones, but they are that lovely ivory colour, and I think that perhaps they are a better size for a brooch.

How has your week been? Productive? or frustrating?


Chrisy said...

You have achieved this week...yes I often feel like I've got nothing done...but when I look back yes there have been things the Blue Mountains...have had a few lovely times there...and your cards and domino brooches are beautiful...bravo!

Carmen said...

Hello Tess,
Thank you for visiting my blog and leave me a lovely comment.
I like your blog very much, in the next days I'll look it better... I follow a lot of Australian blogs, now I follow you too!
I don't know why I love Australia, maybe because my grandmother wanted to emigrate there when she was young.... I hope one day I could visit your beautiful country. Have a nice week, full of accomplishments!

Carmen from Vintage Is Better

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