Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are you making earrings AGAIN!?

Well - yes, I am making earrings again!

It's what I love.
It's how I got started in this crazy self-employed-home-business journey.

I love how you can take the simplest of beads and turn them into a beautiful adornment.
I love how you can take the prettiest beads and turn them into a simple stylish acccessory.

And from a business point of view I sell way, way more earrings than anything else.
They are the bread and butter of my business.
People always seem to enjoy a new pair of earrings when they might not go for a different piece of jewellery.

I love wearing earrings.
I feel naked if I go out without my earrings.

Well that's my creative space this week - if you'd like to see more creative spaces or join in hop on over to Village Voices (we have moved!)

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