Thursday, May 3, 2012

Production lines and art shows

Not too much creating going on this week as I had an art and craft show to get ready for.
This has got to be one of the most boring jobs - you have to label all your goods, then catalogue them and then I like to arrange most of my pieces on display boards before I go.

This art show is the type where you leave your goods for the duration of the show (2 days and one evening) and thet sell them for you (hopefully!)

But I decided to make some more pendants and that is what I did this week and then I catalogued ....nearly 200 items - I hope they ALL sell.
Well they won't but I can dream, right?

Do you do these sort of art and craft shows?
Often they are fundraisers for schools and such.

Here is part of my display at the school.
You can see what I mean about the boards, I think it helps my display to stay neater as I'm not there to tizzy it up.

If you would like to see other creative spaces or join in pop on over here


BigLittle said...

Thanks for your comments on my hottie covers. Sorry I couldn't find your email address to reply to! Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather... Lisa x

rockmelon recycled said...

your market display is set up beautifully, hope it goes well!

My Handmadehappiness said...

Good luck at your stall.... love your pendants.... And your blog!! very pretty!

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Wow! You have been very busy. Display looks great, and the boards should keep everything looking neat, I think. All the best with it!

sascedar said...

those pendants look awesome! will have to check out your store. good luck with the art show.

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