Saturday, February 7, 2009

Australian bushfire treasuries and more

These are terrible times -

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed
countless animals - native and domestic have been anihilated
whole towns have disappeared
thousands of hectares of land burnt to a cinder
hundreds of people are homeless
and most sadly 181 people have died.

We all feel so helpless...
It's so good to know that our etsy friends are thinking of us during the terrible tragedy of the bushfires in Victoria.

Thinking of Australia is the title of this treasury by VintageEmbellishment.

I thank vintage for including my Tagula Island necklace amongst the other beautiful Australian sellers.

VintageEmbellishment has the most interesting shop, it was so hard to single out one item to show you.
You just have to go visit her shop to see the whole range of eclectic delights.
But I thought this was something many people need at the moment.
and *hugs* to VintageEmbellishments for helping draw attention to this tragedy.

*HUGS* also to alyanna for this treasury, for her kind thoughts in and doing what she can for the victims of this terrible disaster.

I think her for chosing one of my tshirts to feature alongside other australian items, many of which are being offered in the fundraising shop OzBushfireAppeal, where 100% of the sales are going directly to the Red Cross.

Many people have donated their beautiful handmade works to raise money for the bushfire victims - please visit the shop and help as much as you can.
Every little bit helps.


Chrisy said...

The treasures are lovely...thanks for letting us know about them...

lyptis said...

Thanks Tess, for blogging about this!

Still have to do my post, but want get all the links together first!:P
well, might have to do it tomorrow..

magikquilter said...

thanks for giving the links to the etsy shop...I have added the link to my thread on my largest flickr group

hope your weekend is everything you wish it to be


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