Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I did this week

First of all I did a little bead shopping -

then I took them home and sorted them, then I got them out and played a little bit.

As a bit of a warm up I threaded this mix of faceted agates with some simple silver spacers in between.

Then I used some leftover orange coral with some new round orange coral beads and some dyed stabalized howlite (it looks like turquoise) to make this simple but striking necklace.


carmel said...

Beautiful Tess. The coral and howlite looks great together :)

Maggie said...

This necklace is stunning - I'm fatally attracted to red.
I've just started a blog at - I'm pretty new to etsy, blogging , DUST etc and dropped in to see what others are up to in their blogs.

Penny said...

So pretty! And I love the huge pile of beads... they look a bit like lollies!

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