Saturday, September 12, 2009

When you're on to a good thing.....

Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it.

Other times you pay a lot of money for it!

I subscribe to four beading magazines - Bead and Button, Beadstyle, Beadwork and Stringing.
Sometimes I buy an Australian beading mag, or dear hub buys me one.

I also have quite a few beading books and I subscribe to Beading Daily, an email newsletter.
As well as buying many kits and patterns over the years.

That's a whole lot of inspiration!

I love this ndebele bracelet pattern by Stephanie Eddy.

So I was in the mood for ndebele stich when I saw ndebele using cube beads in an advertisement in a beading magazine.

I love cube beads!

It worked up so quickly and I love the end result.
It feels great and drapes beautifully around your wrist.

Before I knew it I had made four!

All finished with buttons from my button stash.

Plus a variation on Stephanie Eddy's wave bracelet.

Where do you find inspiration?

1 comment:

EveryDay Flair said...

Thank you for sharing your sources of inspiration and the bracelets you created.

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