Friday, February 12, 2010

Sale and some new stuff

You know when you are just sick of seeing the same things?

I have been feeling like that about some of my jewellery, especially some necklaces that have been around for a while.
So I decided to have a clearance sale and see if I could get rid of them to make way for some lovely new creations.

I'm always a bit reluctant to lower my prices because my prices are so reasonable anyway, but maybe it will encourage some people to take the plunge!

- and I've threatened them, if they dont sell - then I will cut them up into bracelets or other things. (the necklaces not the customers!)

Where is this sale happening?
At The Nook at Leura, which is a craft co-operative that I belong to.

And here are some new pieces -

peruvian opal and azurite with brass chain

rhyolite, chalcedony and pearl

brass pendant an assymetric mix of beads

and some cute owl earrings.

1 comment:

Petaliferous said...

Good luck! I know what you mean getting sick of stuff that won't sell lying around! Hopefully you can declutter, make some cash AND get people into your store. I may have to have a look at your fabulous clearance items myself!

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