Tuesday, February 23, 2010

where I went today

I'm in training.
Walking training.
For a walk in the Himalayas (hopefully) this year.
So my friend H and I are trying to get out and do some bushwalks most weeks.

Today we went to the maze of tracks behind the Hydro Majestic hotel at Medlow Bath.
This is a very historic hotel, opened by Mark Foy in the early 1900's as a health resort.
Sadly the hotel is closed at the moment, awaiting refurbishment, and the bush tracks are much neglected. Hopefully the new plans will restore some of the tracks - or at least put in some sign posts.

The area, being right on the egde of the cliffs, is very popular with rock climbers and there are a lot of misleading tracks.
But the views down into the Megalong Valeey are incredible.

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