Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday's treasuries

Phew! so many treasuries - I'm finding hard to keep up!
Anyway I'll start and get to the end of January.

A very big, big thanks to all these wonderful curators who take the time and trouble to put together such wonderful collections.

First of all thanks go to Buffalogirls for including my mossy czech glass earrings with all these other gems!

Buffalogirls is incerdibly creative and talented - you have to see the moss collesctions and wonderful photography.

I love the quirkiness and packaging of card and earrings - what a great gift -

My destash shop doesnt get featured in treasuries very often.
Is it because destash and supplies are not good objects for a treasury?
Or because I dont promote planetdebris very much and it doesnt get noticed?
So I am very thankful to nihanatakan for picking some of my cardboard pieces in a shiny cornucopia

nihanatakan makes beautiful silver jewellery and I love pomegranates so I just couldnt go past this sweet necklace and what's more it's on sale!
Go check it out.

I love the quote from Winnie the Pooh that inspired ZiBagz and am I so totally respect ZiBagz!
They popped BoosTees brooch in here -

ZiBagz upcycles an eclectic mix of materials into covetable treasures.
Look at this darling purse!

Our northern hemispheer friends must have had enough of winter already, especially after the horrible snow storm recently.
Their thoughts turn to spring and colours other than snow white!
What a gorgeous colourful treasury and uplifting to see my bracelet here -

Grackilee has a great idea to make personalised jewellery.
You could get a pendant like this made with your own photos on.
Or it would make a great grandparents gift.

BrookeHowie must be dreaming of warmer brighter times -

This one makes me smile - fun and sunny!

BrookeHowie has a shope filled with wonderful colourful art works. They make me smile too!

Maybe Sealmaiden is a country girl at theart?
Certainly there are great picks here and the composition is eyecatching!
I dont think my bronze pearl earrings look out of place - do you?

I love tshirts.
Sandmaiden has amazing tshirts!
Look -

Blushie chose a very dramatic colour scheme -

Also some great new sellers for me to investigate.

And blushie makes drool-worthy soaps - mini works of art!

Come back next week and I'll get started on February!

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PoetessWug said...

How wonderful to be included in all of these wonderful treasuries!! I checked out each and every one! And found some things to put on my favorite's gift list too! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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