Sunday, June 26, 2011

7 things to do on a sunny winter's sunday afternoon

We are having such lovely weather at the moment.
Even though it's winter and the mornings are a bit chilly we have clear sunny days.
It made me think about the best ways to spend such wonderful days. Often in summer it's too hot to do some things, or it's too wet or too windy.

What are your favorite ways to spens a lazy sunny sunday?

Here are a few I thought of.

1. Go for a bushwalk.
Many of you know of my passion for bushwalking and this is a perfect time to get out into the bush. Not hot, no flies!
You dont have to go very far - just a few minutes along a track can give you wonderful things to see!

2. Go for a bike ride - for most of the same reasons that this is a good time of year for walking it's also great for bike riding.

3. Walking or bike riding too energetic?
How about a picnic? We are so lucky to have wonderful parks around here and then ther is the Blue Mountains National Park with the great picnic area at Euroka clearing. If you are in Sydney it would take you about an hour to get there - and there are kangaroos!

image from here

4. Get in a boat and mess about on the river.
Take a ferry ride.
Hire  row boat.

5. Dust off your tennis racquet - it's Wimbledon time!
Who doesnt have an old tennis racquet?
Even if you don't have a tennis court near you, have a hit in the back yard, the street - somewhere!
I guarantee you will spend so much time laughing - you will ache!

6. All those things too energetic?
Invite some friends round for afternoon tea.
When did you last chat to your neighbours? Invite them round and sit in the sun with them.

image from here

7. Too much socialising?
OK! you can just find a comfy, sunny spot and curl up with a book....and maybe a nap.
Maybe you just need to recharge your batteries.

image from here

How did you spend Sunday?


lyptis said...

You are too active!:P But i like the sound of a book and a nap.

Renata's arts and crafts said...

I wish to have a winter like yours...sound so lovely...

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