Friday, June 24, 2011

In my garden

bower with blue things by planettreasures
bower with blue things, a photo by planettreasures on Flickr.
This is the bower of a satin bower bird in our garden.
The bower is constructed from sticks and twigs - it's amazing.
It is always oriented north-south.
The male bower bird collects blue things to attract females to his bower!
The females go around visiting all the bowers in the area, checking them out for a suitable mate.

Since I'm having trouble uploading photos here, you can see more bower photos on my flickr .

Here is what the male satin bower bird looks like (not ours)
He is very glossy and bluey-black - lovely!

 photo from

and here is a photo of a female -

photo from

1 comment:

lyptis said...

Beautiful birds. Do they have blue/purple eyes or what? Funny how they collect blue things, a bit like magpies that collect shiny objects.

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