Saturday, July 27, 2013

An ace new coffee haunt in my 'hood

Coffee is a very personal thing isn't it?
One man's delight is another man's dishwater!

So I'm delighted to find a great new little coffee shop a stone's throw away.

It's tucked underneath, down-the-back of a little strip of shops.

But they've done a great job of making it welcoming.

It's only tiny - 4 or 5 tables.
It has some quirky elements.

It had lovely chairs.

And also did I say that it has fab coffee!
Well I think so anyway.
They actually roast their own coffee beans right next door, so it smells divine.

I can imagine that I will be getting quite a few take-aways from there are I have to drive past it to go anywhere!

The place?
Euphoric Coffee at East Blaxland.


Katie said...

I LOVE making little finds like that. Enjoy your coffee!

planettreasures said...

Thanks Katie, I went back today just to make sure....; )

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