Monday, January 20, 2014

Plain and simple - my creative space.

Sometimes I get asked for things that I wouldn't usually make.
I'm sure we all do, yes?

You know, you are very clear about where your creative direction lies.
Certain in your aesthetic.
Happy with your outcomes.

AND get asked "do you have a plain yellow necklace?".

Well, no!

What I really love to do is get a bunch of beads, spread them on my work with a little, and make something quite wild and wonderful, or colourful and bold, or at least, co-ordinated and competent.

So...I thought "OK, I will, just see if I don't!"
I can do it, it's not a too easy-peasy, boring-as-a-brick, *yawn* sort of thing to do.

It's not the most creative thing in the world, but I have some nice beads that would look really good just by themselves with no fussy distractions.

And some I prepared earlier!

They have been quite popular....and don't say "I told you so!"

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