Sunday, January 26, 2014

Today I'm loving - this week.

I think you know.
rain after a very dry spell
the name of this band *
my new take-away coffee cup
fun (adult) party game **
The other thing I loved doing this week was singing!
I took part in a women's singing group as a bit of fun at a friend's afternoon/evening of fun, games and performances.
Yes, we looked ridiculous....we probably sounded worse....but, wow! singing can really lift your soul.

 I did miss a couple of days this week, due being too busy one day and them being too blue another, but I'm not going to beat myself about it.
On to bigger and better things next week.

* a pun on the Austrlian band ACDC.

** you had to make insect genitalia from fruit and veg and then name it.

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