Wednesday, December 3, 2008

some favourites

Just sharing some of my favourite treasures that I have found on etsy.

There are so many gorgeous things and wonderfully creative sellers, that it is so hard to choose.
so here are a few faves that I have been coveting for a while.

Firstly to satisfy my chicken obsession - a quirky, cheeky yet slightly retro chick bowl by shoshonasnow.

Next out of the box -
Blubies makes the cutest Australian critters from socks (unused!) and felt and all lovingly handsewn together.
They all come with a little story attached.
They are all so full of character, and it took me ages to pick just one, but it has to be ringo - to remind me of the possums that pad around on our roof at night!

and the last one for today - just because I love jewellery, and because the work is awesome, and because who doesnt love mermaids?
Of course - I heart meramids by mangotango.
Go check out the rest of this shop, everything is gorgeous.

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