Monday, December 29, 2008

Tshirts - at last!

This is something I have been trying to get off the ground all year.
A and I have somewhat the same taste in clothes despite the 35 year age difference. We tend to go for the same design of tshirts.
She has been doing textiles at school, had a lovely new sewing machine and wanted to earn some money.
SO - we decided to make some tshirts.
SO - we bought some fabric way back in July.
Then - bought some great quality pure cotton tshirts.

BUT - we never had the time to sew. She was flat out studying for her HSC (final school exams), and I was doing other stuff, jewellery mainly.

NOW - she has a full time job, which is great, because she is taking 2009 off and going to uni in 2010, so she needs some money. And I am having a bit of a lull in jewellery sales.

But we have managed to get a few tshirts together and I am slowly listing them in my etsy shop.
I will also be taking them to markets with me next year.

We've had some very positive feedback and have sold one so far.

We've got lots more ideas for designs and lots more tshirts and tons of fabric - so watch this space!


lyptis said...

Hey Tess! its always good to try something new, for the new year or just to spice up what ure doing!

I wish u all the best and have a great new year!:)

Heli Chick said...

Oh, I do love the dragonfly!!!

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