Thursday, December 11, 2008

Using up all those odd beads

This is a great way to use up all those odd beads left over from other projects.
For some reason I have a lot of this bracelet size memory wire, I think I kept forgetting I already had some and then I would go and buy more!
I also have to admit that threading on memory wire is a pain, so I dont do it a lot.

But now I have found a really happy use for it - and I am gradually emptying my orphan beads box. The ones there are only one of.

These bracelets are a mix of gemstones, glass, beads, cloisonne with either silver curved beads or rubber tubing inbetween . The more colourful the better!

These memory wire bracelets have been really popular, as soon as I make them they sell!

1 comment:

magikquilter said...

They are really cute not very good with memory wire.

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