Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - 13

I love riding my bicycle!
I love swooshing and whooshing down hill - puffing and panting up the other side is not so pretty.

I'm certainly not tour de france material!

But I would love to add this bag to my bike to carry my lunch, camera, lippie and stuff

It is a little bit cold at the moment and I thought some stylish gloves would fit the bill.
These are great 'cus you can peel the finger part back when you need to use you fingers, and even roll the thumb back too.
So ingeneous!

And they can be made in many colours - how about some red ones to match my bag?

And for those days when I just cant go out riding -

something to dream about!

One thing I have already bought specially for my bike riding days - too keep my ears warm -

Happy pedalling!


RocketGirl said...

Cute wish list :)

Marg said...

Cleverly constructed - followed your model for my wishlist.

Chrisy said...

oh yes definitely the red bag with matching gloves...and the scarf...i'll toot if i see somebody stylishly dressed like this if i drive past!

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