Friday, July 24, 2009

Local legend has it that Christmas in July started on one dark cold winter's night in 1980 in a hotel in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.
A group of Irish friends were toasting their toes in front of a roaring log fire and bemoaning the hot christmases here in Australia.
The enterprising hotelier offered to serve a traditional christmas feast, with all the associated trimmings, and Santa - and the tradition was begun.

Since then the tradition has spread around the world, not just places in the Southern hemisphere.
Any excuse for a celebration!

Join the Australian sellers on etsy as they hold their first ever huge Christmas in July event.
With most shops having discount sales and give-aways in the etsy forums.

You an find out more here

I am having a "buy one get one free" sale.
From Saturday midnight until midday on monday.

Come on over and grab a bargain or two.

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