Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 things I want to do when I get my cast off

1. Stand on my own two feet - gingerly.

2. Have a nice long bath.

3. Wear normal clothes (not just baggy pants)

4. Make a cup of tea and carry it to the table.

5. Go downstairs - and come up again.

6. Shave my legs.

7. Stop hopping!


Anonymous said...

I especially like number 6. I haven't seen an unshaven leg since 1984! ;)

Pam de Groot said...

I gather the cast hasn't stopped all extra curricular activity since it wasn't on the list.

planettreasures said...

lol, Pam!
this is a public forum afterall ; }

AnastasiaC said...

ohhh hang in there!! some great things to look forward to anyhow...hey you are my April giveaway winner!! Yayyy!!!

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